Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Middle-East Success!

I've gotten so sick and tired of the media trying to tell those of us here in the USA that the war in Iraq is a "quagmire," a loss, so let's abandon these people just like we did in Vietnam.

What bugs me is that nobody talks about the successes in Iraq!

Yes, that's right, successes!!!!!

WorldNetDaily's article, "The Middle East's forgotten democracy" provides an enlightening look at a real-live democracy buried within Iraq, a democracy that actually appreciates the presence of US soldiers.

Read it! Believe it!

Then consider this: why don't we hear this kind of good news on a regular basis???

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Answers for Atheists

One site I frequent is WikiAnswers, formerly known as FAQ Farm. This is a question & answer site, but managed via a wiki, much like Wikipedia. Using the original farm analogy, questions & answers are "grown" into hopefully professional, or at least reliable, answers. Some questions, of course, can only be "answered" by giving a list of opinions. That happens often with the section I supervise, Religion & Spirituality.

Recently one user arrived and has been contributing rabidly. The person professes atheism, claiming that he was "brainwashed" in Catholic school. He, like many, feel that the only "smart" response to religion is to examine it from a logical point of view.

The problem is, God doesn't work like that. His ways are not our ways; our wisdom, compared to His, is utter foolishness. God doesn't promise to work within our own prejudices and preconceptions; rather, He wants us to learn His ways. Why? Because they're better. Because He's right.

Too many people, though, won't accept it. They choose to reject any formula other than their own. Then they expect God to meet their standards. How foolish!

This evening at our church, a fellow who leads the 18-35(ish) crowd taught about God's calling. One of the things God made me realize is that my calling isn't to convince the atheist that he's wrong. Only the Spirit of God can do that. All I'm told to do is to write the truth in love, and present the Good News to them.

I hope to be writing much more here as part of that calling.
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