About This Blog & Rules of the Road

This blog started several years ago; to be honest, I don't recall when. The purpose has changed ever so slightly, but some things remain the same.

First and foremost, this is a blog for Bible-believing Christians to discuss Biblical and Christian ideas. This blog is not for "atheists" (more often anti-theists) to challenge the authority of the Bible. This blog is for discussing ideas that may be popular today, or in the past.

The main condition for posting is to show respect! The blog editor (that's me) reserves the right to delete any & all comments that show disrespect to Christianity, Christians, or the Bible. A respectful question, even if it challenges the Bible, is welcome. An off-topic comment about how Christians "throw out rational thought" without further explanation will likely be deleted. If you don't like that, don't even bother commenting or reading here!

This blog may deal with the subject of apologetics, or topics relating to it. It is not an apologetics blog where participants feel they need to defend themselves!

I tend to break the rules when it comes to posting frequency. I do apologize for that, but only because I may be in a "dry spell" where I don't have anything worth posting. I've got several dozen topics that I've thought of writing on, but if I don't have anything I feel is worth writing on those topics, or any other, I won't. If that means you won't continue to follow this blog, then goodbye. I go for quality first, not quantity.

So what do we talk about here? Too often I come across a line of reasoning that I haven't heard of, and cannot find Biblical support for. I may also discover a common misconception — or not-so-common one — about what the Bible says. I may also discover a line of reasoning that doesn't seem to fit what I've read in the Bible. I may also find a slightly different slant on what a passage says that I've missed before. Any of those will turn into blog potential. All I ask is that you Consider †his: we don't know everything about God, so let's learn together.
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