Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creation is Groaning … But No Worse Than Usual

Okay, time to dive in to the Japan earthquake whirlpool of commentary swirling about the Internet.

I've read several blog posts, and probably passed by several more, that note the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Japan are a sign of the end-times. While I really cannot disagree with them, I do need to provide a fact-check on events.

According to the US Geological Survey's web site, the number of severe quakes has remained constant over the past several decades. A related article by AccuWeather provides further explanation. The number of reports has increased dramatically. What do you expect when the network of seismic detection stations has grown from around 350 in the 1970's to over 8,000 today, each station using equipment that will detect tremors that people won't even feel? What do you expect when we can see, hear, and experience an earthquake immediately via a cell-phone video transmitted over the Internet?

What we're seeing is the technology to go into the whole world and preach the Gospel (Matthew 28:19) in action!

Consider This: each day brings us closer to Christ's return, no matter when that will be. And, remember, not even Jesus knew the day or hour of that event (Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32)! It could be very soon, as many people believe, or it could be beyond our lifetimes.

Consider This: each day brings us closer to our final destination. No matter what your end-times ideas are, today could be your last day on Earth. The day of the earthquake was the last day for many in Japan. The day of another earthquake was the last day for many in Haiti. The day when a dear 25-year-old friend died of cancer was his last day … his "end-time."

I won't argue at all the need to be ready, and to get people ready to meet our Lord on His terms, not our own. But let's keep the facts true, shall we?

How would you have responded, before Christ, to someone telling you the "end of the world" is near?
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