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One of my favorite blogs has just closed down. The only post available is this one:

My stalker and impersonator: Glen Baker ( | –Project Mathetes–

Now, I'll admit, Donald Borsch did have a manner of expressing things that could be taken wrong in a Rush Limbaugh fashion. Still, what he wrote was the truth, or at least as best as he could see it. Then along comes this mysterious stranger who … well, he does some illegal things that causes Donald to fear for his safety (and that of his family).

How low can this country, founded on Godly principles (whether you choose to believe the words of the founding fathers or not), sink?

Consider †his: the more we reject God, the more frail his “hedge of protection” will become!

Even though it’s too often taken out of context (as it refers to Solomon’s temple, and it may refer to something a bit more specific than it appears on the surface), 2 Chronicles 7:14 provides a bit of hope. On the other hand, there are a surprising number of verses in the Old Testament that have God instructing His prophets not to pray for the people (Jeremiah 14:11; Jeremiah 7:16; Jeremiah 11:14). In the New Testament, Paul instructs the church at Corinth to “turn [a particularly rebellious member] over to Satan” (1 Corinthians 5:1-5).

Even though dispensationalists consider us to be in an age of grace, God will still leave us alone if that’s what we want. As a society draws away from Him, He will draw away from it.

I may be way off-base here, but I believe this is just one small sign that the days of “easy faith” in the United States of America are coming to an end.

We do have it way too easy here. We battle amongst ourselves without any compassion for each other or those who see us and make a decision about God based on our shameful manners. We preach on Sunday morning that God is love, and we should be friendly to each other … yet we gossip about the woman with the skirt that’s “too short” or the man who didn’t wear a tie. We claim grace to the public, yet attack each other in our board meetings in such a way that some are ashamed to be a part of it. We pride ourselves not on being followers of Christ, but being a part of some denomination, as if that makes any difference. We claim grace, but refuse to reconcile with someone who has apologized for a mistake made.

Meanwhile, real Christians in China, India, the Middle East, and many, many other countries are being killed simply because they read the Bible. (OK, many US “Christians” don’t have to worry about being discovered doing that.) The persecution in some of these countries rivals the days when Christians were thrown to the lions in ancient Rome.

Scary? In one sense it should be.

Consider †his: if somebody were targeting Christians, would they even bother considering you?

I’d like to think that I would stand firm professing Christ when the threat of torture and death, or even cyber-stalking, were present. Let’s face it, though: I’m a wimp! I have absolutely no idea if I would buckle under pressure. Honestly, I would assume that I would indeed buckle.

At least I’m courageous enough now to eliminate much doubt in the minds of others now.

As for my friend and his stalker, pray for this Glenn Baker. Pray that his eyes be opened to see the evil nesting in his heart. Pray that he repents of his deeds. Pray that, if he chooses to keep his heart, mind, and eyes closed, that he lays off Donald Borsch, or at least gets caught and punished by our legal system, for the safety of others.
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