Sunday, August 23, 2020

"Come quickly, Jesus." How rude!

Conspiracy theories have always been with us, but the recent trials of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought out the worst in them. Government control, New World Order, and other common themes have shown up on social media and elsewhere. Often Christians will ponder the return of the Lord in concert with this. "Come quickly, Lord" is the word.

Consider This: do you realize you're praying to condemn your unsaved family, friends, and neighbors?

No matter what end-times belief you may hold, the return of Christ is the end for many people. Some might believe that some might be saved during the 7-year Tribulation, if that's how it goes down. Most will agree, though, that it'll be more Hell on Earth than it is now.

If you care about others as the Lord would have us do, why would you want that?

Most people believe that the whole thing hasn't gone down yet simply because God is still waiting for the stragglers. In His grace and mercy, He is giving everyone one last chance. That should be a good thing. Why do we Christians want to mess that up?

Instead of praying for the Lord to come back, how about reaching out to your family, friends, and neighbors in love, telling them what Christ has done for you? Don't push them or scare the Hell out of them (literally). Pray for them, if nothing else.

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