Sunday, January 02, 2011

Quick News Note

Since this just came up, it's probably time to note and remind the readers of a few important rules of the blog.

The biggest thing to note here is that, regardless of what others may think, this blog assumes the validity of the Bible. Comments about things outside of the Bible are OK. Intimidation and mocking this belief is not OK and will result in deletion of the comment(s) and potential user blocking. The decision is mine, and is effectively final. I do try to "play fair," but I will not permit intimidation and mockery, as it stifles true discussion about the points under consideration here.

Anyone with an honest question need not fear action being taken against them or their comments. Anyone who has already decided that anything relating to any sort of "god" is ridiculous can find other blogs or areas to harass people.

Okay, I guess that was only one rule. Sorry I can't count.
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